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How to tell Grub2 how to boot GNU/Hurd

Hi the hurd,

With respect to the Debian/Hurd evolving project, I've always had a
hird a questions which not always found their matching asnwer.

I failed to setup a fresh new Debian GNU/Hurd system starting with a
NETINSTALL .iso image (whithin qemu+kvm) because of to reasons :
  - package "adduser" couldn't be dowloaded.
  - I made a BIG mistake when using losetup (on host OS) while
converting the offset of ~'hd0s1'~ between units.

So, I falled back to using the famous "crosshurd" package.

And then I used the following hack :

I used a sane Debian/GNU/Linux Wheezy system to install grub2 on my
future Debian/GNU/Hurd Squeeze system.

Then I boot my Hurd system in QEmu+KVM and grub2 says he knows nothing
about partition UUID=........, and of course, even if it did, it
would'nt know how to handle the multiboot protocol to boot my GNU/Hurd

So, my question comes :

When I boot my GU/Hurd system, and when I reach the grub prompt, what
shall I tell him ?

In this virtual machine, there is only One (1) hard drive which has
only One(1) partitons (msdos partition table) which is a primary

I know that grub2 takes a "scenario" configuration file to generate
"boot time" menu resources.

I would like you to tell me about both, cauz' I'm not sure I will be
able to make this translation, due to the hackish way I "installed"
grub2 on my target system.

I am sure I am not the only person who suffers from lack of documentation.

In fact, documentation is everywhere, but seldom pertinent because of
the high pace these technologies evolve.

Please, tell me what your grub2 configuration files look like, or what
I shall type at the prompt.

Kind regards,

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