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Re: hurd-install and README.txt suggestions

Thanks for doing the updates.

Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> 1. Should probably mention kvm, as well as qemu, because if your CPU h=
> Indeed.

The README is now a little half and half with it recommending installing
qemu but then using kvm in command line. :/
I suggest moving the README to kvm so:

 * Download:

      $ wget
      # apt-get install kvm

  * Create a hard disk image:

      $ kvm-img create hurd-install.img 3G

  * Start the installation:

      $ kvm -m 512 -net nic,model=3Dne2k_pci -net user -no-kvm-irqchip \
             -hda hurd-install.img -cdrom mini.iso -boot d

>> 3. http://bddebian.com:8888/ is always down when I try to visit it.
>> Perhaps it should be removed from the README?
> It's just that apparently www.bddebian.com doesn't point to the same as=

> bddebian.com.

Rather unconventional!

$ dig +short -t A bddebian.com
$ dig +short -t A www.bddebian.com


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