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hurd-install and README.txt suggestions

1. Contains the two lines in the HTML:

as root; they only need access to the backing store and the <code>mount
point</code>. Another difference is that processes, rather than having a

The split of the <code> </code> block over two lines causes a it to be
to be rendered with a new line in it, at least on my browser. The
solution is to have the block on one line. And consider adding &nbsp; so
the two words don't get broken due to line wrap.

1. Should probably mention kvm, as well as qemu, because if your CPU has
the necessary instructions it is a lot faster, making people more likely
help with hurd.

2. http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/user/jkoenig is mentioned twice:

Have fun, see my roadmap page on the hurd wiki for more information:


or the mirror


(or its replica http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/user/jkoenig if the URL
doesn't work).

3. http://bddebian.com:8888/ is always down when I try to visit it.
Perhaps it should be removed from the README?


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