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Re: Bug#611456: Why wishlist?

severity 611456 wishlist

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 11:17:44PM +0100, Svante Signell wrote:

> Why downgrading this bug report to a  wishlist? Due to lack of support
> for multiple cores?? Take a look at the output of x86info for a

That's a part of it, yes - you've submitted a partial patch which
doesn't implement enough support to work fully on pretty much all modern

> GNU/Linux box with dual cores, especially the last lines! This bug is
> important due to the support of a new architecture and a patch and from
> what I've learned regarding severity levels it is important! Prove me
> wrong and I'll concur.

Please take a reality check here - the code for this leaf package now
compiles but does not fully run on an architecture which isn't exactly
likely to be a release candidate in the near future.  This doesn't
strike me as being the most urgent issue ever.

> Which are your arguments for kfreebsd, which is one of the
> supported architectures of x86info?

Note that I downgraded the severity to wishlist.  This is different to
closing the bug.  All you're doing by trying to keep the severity of the
bug inflated is to annoy me.

> Under GNU/Linux:


> WARNING: Detected SMP, but unable to access cpuid driver.
> Used Uniprocessor CPU routines. Results inaccurate.

As the output says the program was unable to access the cpuid driver.
The cpuid driver requires administrative rights.

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