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Installing base system using mini-20110308.iso

Am I the only one that has had this issue of the installation breaking at the base system step? If not, perhaps we should update the appropriate docs to include my experience.

Also, if the  root issue is a benign warning, then why did the base system step fail with a chroot error? Seems more than a warning to me!

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Subject: Re: Problems: Questions on mini-20110308.iso
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David Hiran Watson, le Fri 18 Mar 2011 19:46:30 +0000, a écrit :
> When I went to install the base system, as in prior attempts, the installer couldn't retrieve libc-bin.

It's odd that it's always that package...

> I selected "Go Back" when the error message popped up alerting me (as opposed to "Continue"). The installer retrieved the rest of the base packages, but encountered a chroot error when trying to install the base packages. I checked the (Mach?) console, and saw a bunch of errors stating that there was no user root.

The root user issue is just a benign warning actually.

> Anyway, I then went back and ran "Install the base system" step again. This time it installed everything fine (including apparently downloading libc-bin),

I guess it managed to download it fine on the second attempt and could
then proceed with the rest.


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