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Install issues

Hi all, I'm having a lot of problems trying to install Hurd on my computer. I'm doing so a in a vm using VirtualBox. For those of you who use the IRC channel, my nick is dEhiN.

For those who don't, my installation basically messes up at "Installing the base system". While retrieving the base packages, the installer won't be able to get at least one package, and if I continue, any attempts to install the base will return a chroot error!

Any suggestions on alternative methods of install? I could try crosshurd (as I have a Debian Linux vm), or one of the ISOs. I'm not sure how old they are though, but if I'll at least get a base system running, I can use apt to get the rest.

Also, how do I view alternative terminals while the installer is running? When the installer displays the chroot error, it also suggests to view the log using the console but I'm not sure how! Thanks.

God bless

David Hiran Watson
e: hiranwatson@gmail.com

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