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Re: Bug#578320: dot fails with assertion on hurd-i386

tags 578320 + pending

On 08/03/11 21:20, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Could you apply the attached patch to force adding -lpthread? (Yes, it
> needs to be passed with -Wl, else libtool reorders it.
> Samuel

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for this!  I've applied your patch to the git repo on Alioth.
Upstream has recently announced that graphviz 2.28 is just around the
corner, so I'll most probably wait for that before doing a release.

I should note I don't have any way of testing this, so I will have to
rely on feedback from yourself and the submitter to make sure I've
applied it correctly.  Fortunately it's a simple job which even I
probably can't screw up ;-)



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