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Questions on /dev/{u}random on qemu


On one (i686) box I have now an ssh server running, the random device
created by the postinst script of the random-egd package. However, on
another (amd64) box the installation fails. I tried with the file random
from the random-64 package with the same problems using settrans
-c /dev/random /hurd/random, but the created file /dev/random has
unknown file attributes, causing e.g. ls /dev/random to fail with
translator died. In the examples above /dev/random is a character
special device, ls -l /dev/random at (i686):
crw-r--r-- 1 root root 0, 0 Nov  4 20:41 /dev/random

Trying the other proposed way to copy a binary file to /dev/random made
openssh-server happy. But now /dev/random is an ordinary file, and the
randomness is lower. Why does the first two methods fail on the 64bit
box. Anything related to the 64bit vs 32bit architectures??

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