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Re: Hurd Debian-Installer: roadmap, tracking progress with the BTS

[Jérémie Koenig]
> I would also welcome suggestions about using the BTS to track my
> progress. If I understand correctly, I could:
>   * track the bugs which I work on with a usertag
>   * pre-file wishlist bugs on the packages which I will need to change
>   * have a toplevel "Hurd d-i" bug which is blocked by said bugs

Of these, I prefer usertagging, as it provide a better list of bugs
(sorted by severity and with more meta-info presented).

> The kind of bugs I would be filing/tagging at first would be:
>   * debian-installer: native Hurd debian-installer
>   * busybox: Hurd support (see also #323670)
>   * genext2fs: support tuning the block size and creator OS (#562999)
>   * gnumach: initrd support
>   * ...
> More would be filed (especially against installer components) as I
> progress.  Would this be appropriate?

Sound good to me.  Perhaps you should get commit access if your
changes proves to be good, but I leave that to your mentor and the d-i
project manager to decide. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsn

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