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Re: L1

On 21/04/10 09:53, Philip Charles wrote:
On Wed, 21 Apr 2010, Nigel Horne wrote:
On 20/04/10 13:20, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
Is there a plan to put L1 on CD?  Or is it already available and
I've missed it?  My machine doesn't have a DVD drive.
On<http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian-cd/current/>, there is the
*-mini.iso, which is a CD image.
Thanks.  Will there be a "full" set of CDs as there was with J and K?


L1 has been and gone.  The number of discs is determined by the state of
the Debian/GNU-Hurd archive and my blood pressure.  These two factors are
not orthogonal.
No problem.  I understand.

I unexpectedly found an old DVD drive in a cupboard and put it in and it boots OK. Now to wrestle with insserv problems during apt-get update, and ssh hanging the system.


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