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Failed build, what to do?

Hi Hurd-Porters.

One of my packages (jpegoptim) recently failed building on the
Debian/Hurd-i386 variant.
The problem seems to be that MAXPATHLEN (on Linux, this defines the
maximum filename length including full path, IIRC) is not defined in any
of the headers included.
If I understood #257095 correctly (came up in Google), Hurd doesn't have
a maximum path length. But what should I do about this?
I don't have the time to dig deep into the jpegoptim code (though it
isn't very complex), but I would gladly apply patches that fix this
issue (and communicate those to upstream).

jpegoptim is a small yet quite useful utility to automatically optimize
JPEG images for size (it can in some cases even do that without loosing
any additional information or image quality).

Please CC me on replies, I'm not subscribed to debian-hurd


(Honestly, I just looked at the jpegoptim graph in popcon for the first
time since I took over the package. I'm somewhat impressed by the outcome)

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