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Re: FTBFS Aegis on Hurd

On 05/03/10 09:27, Walter Franzini wrote:
> can someone explain the FTBFS of aegis on hurd?
> The buildd status page is missing the log for the hurd failure:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=aegis
> I'm asking since previous versions used to fail on
> test/02/t0218a-pmil.sh, however a quick check on grubber confirmed that
> it is skipped and assumed to succeed as I expected.

It was failing on 4.24.2-3, but not on 4.24.2-4, where you've fixed it but a
build hasn't been attempted yet (we block packages that fail to build until
they're fixed so that they are not retried and retried when they're going to
fail anyway).

A give back should be enough. I'm asking for one for aegis.


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