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FOSDEM 2010 is slowly approaching.

A few Hurd types have shown interest in meeting there, so I created
for coordination.  Beware that web-editing (and the whole of bddebian
HTTP) is still down due to this Perl crash I (or someone else, of course)
needs to have a look at.  But you can either use the Git interface, cf.
<http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/contributing/web_pages.html>, for doing
any changes, or tell me by email or on IRC (tschwinge on freenode.net).

So far, I only added Neal and myself to that page, but I think that Olaf,
Michael, Anatoly also considered going.  What about the other usual
suspects?  What about our GSoC folks, or Carl Fredrik with his
Hurd-related masters thesis?  Or our new Debian porters?  I added stubs
for all of you, so just shoot.  :-)

Likewise everyone else who wants to meet their favorite Hurd developer.

Duck et al., what about HurdFr?  If not going separately as a group, of
course feel free to register at that page, too.


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