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messagebus and haldaemon users in baseGNU.tgz

Hi Charles,

I'm not sure if I should report bugs in baseGNU.tgz to you, but since this
affects your L1 images (thanks for providing them!) I'll tell you about them...
please forward as necessary or let me know where to report them if I should do so.

The problem is that /etc/passwd in baseGNU.tgz has entries for messagebus and
haldaemon, but /etc/group doesn't. This means when you install hal and dbus,
when it executes in the postinst
    adduser --system --group "$user"
it doesn't create the user because it already exists, but it doesn't create the
system group either. Then dbus can't be installed because it tries to chown
something to the busmessage group, and hal failed to configure for me because
the group didn't exist and so when hald tried to daemonize the child exited.

I guess the fix is to remove both messagebus and haldaemon from /etc/passwd, or
if they are really needed, they should be added to /etc/group too.



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