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Re: qt4-x11 without 80_hurd_max_path.diff

Michael Banck, le Tue 16 Jun 2009 22:51:19 +0200, a écrit :
> a member of the Debian Qt/KDE packaging team asked me about the
> 80_hurd_max_path.diff patch in qt4-x11 today.  It looks like it is
> obsolete these days due to Alfredo Beaumont's work.

Indeed, the code doesn't use PATH_MAX when __GLIBC__ is defined, so it
should be safe.

> So if somebody wants to recompile Qt to check whether it build fine
> without the patch

Last time I let buildd try, it failed due to some gettimeofday oddity.

> (I guess 81_hurd_more_max_path.diff is still needed),

Yes, the clucene code still uses CL_MAX_PATH.

> let us know how it goes.

I've scheduled a rebuild, just in case it got magically fixed.


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