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Noob Having trouble in Virtual Box


My name is Spencer and I am new to mailing lists, please forgive me if I have formated this incorrectly or done something else wrong (please let me know too). I really want to do a lot and would like to contribute to hurd/debian. I am just getting started, but I have installed my own debian configured it and then sold that computer to a friend (with xp debian was formated) and I am now using a combination of ubuntu and vista.

As for hurd/debian I wanted to try the install and configuration in Virtual Box Before trying it for real. I go through the install config and install but when I restart I get a black screen with a (white) _
If I need to I have a computer I am ready to try and install on;

AMD Athlon 1Ghz
512MB ram
Several options for IDE HD 120g, 112g, 80g, 20g,

I just want to know what to expect and where to start.

Thank you much

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