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Re: On vacation

No problem, and many thanks for the boxes! 

And if anything should go wrong, I still have a copy of the wiki here, so I 
can still work on it :) 

Happy holidays! 

- Arne

Am Dienstag 17 Juni 2008 17:10:59 schrieb Barry deFreese:
> Folks,
> I am going to be on vacation from June 17th to about the 27th so if any
> of the public boxes or the wiki dies I, unfortunately, will not be able
> to bring them back up until I return.
> I apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause and the
> fact that I have not gotten the replacement hardware installed yet.  I
> swear I will work on new hardware for at least the wiki box and flubber
> when I return from vacation.
> Thanks,
> Barry deFreese

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