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Re: K16 images - uploading

On Tuesday 18 December 2007 02:05, Michael Banck wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 12:00:19AM +1300, Philip Charles wrote:
> > This was the toughest set I have had to produce.  It has taken me
> > about 150 hours to get to this point.  The job is far too big for one
> > person.
> Oh my :-/
> Would it make the life of whoever will do K17 much better if we only
> shipped a mini-ISO and maybe a first CD?  Also, it should be possible
> to shift testing to the community maybe, by just mastering a testing CD
> and then ask for feedback, would that help (assuming you indeed spent
> quite some time testing/fixing the images)

A straight forward iso set would take 20 hrs.  A tough one with some 
development work, 50 hours.  K16 was a horror!  However, I will be 
putting a woody installation on my no.1 machine to build the images.  The 
latest build systems are too clever for the Hurd.  I now know how to 
handle DVDs and the boot discs are upgraded.  Calicut has the advantage 
of the team meeting face to face and I would like to see them take over 
the project.

I have regarded the Hurd iso's as a shop window for the Hurd.  It would be 
interesting to see how many downloads are made from debian-ports and how 
many other sites mirror these images.  This would give us a good 
indication of how many outsiders are having a look, after all, some of 
these could become developers.  We should find out what is happening and 
base decisions based on sound info.

Insiders are more interested in the mini iso and tarball.  Calicut is now 
on the point of producing these.  These could be produced at suitable 
intervals for the development community.  If the download rate is 
sufficient then I can produce the iso's at a greater interval until 
Calicut is ready to take over.


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