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Re: K16 images - uploading

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 12:00:19AM +1300, Philip Charles wrote:
> The K16 images are being uploaded to debian-ports.org

Excellent, thanks a lot!
> There are four CDs and two DVDs to come.  I plan to upload the first CD 
> then the first DVD followed by the rest.  The whole process is going to 
> take several days.  The upload is running at 90kB/sec.
> The problem with the DVDs is the slow access to the optical drive by the 
> Hurd.  A rough test indicated that Linux is about ten times faster.  The 
> Packages files had to be placed at the start of the disc and read 
> failures were found when accessing packages deep inside the DVD, so the 
> DVD size has been limited to 3gB.  If people still have read problems 
> would they contact me.  Or better still, could some one fix the speed 
> problem.
> This was the toughest set I have had to produce.  It has taken me about 
> 150 hours to get to this point.  The job is far too big for one person.

Oh my :-/

Would it make the life of whoever will do K17 much better if we only
shipped a mini-ISO and maybe a first CD?  Also, it should be possible to
shift testing to the community maybe, by just mastering a testing CD and
then ask for feedback, would that help (assuming you indeed spent quite
some time testing/fixing the images)


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