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Re: Shared libraries, dependencies and symbols files

On Tue, 02 Oct 2007, Michael Banck wrote:
> Agreed.  Would it be easy to have a list of those libraries which differ
> on hurd-i386, unless it's almost every lib we're talking about anyway?

I don't know. On alioth:~hertzog/mole/dbseed/ you'll find all the files
that are distributed by mole. You can manually inspect some or try to
automatize the check.

The script ~hertzog/mole/harmonize.pl tries to create a common symbols
file based on some heuristics after having verified that the symbols set
are the same.  You can adapt/reuse part of that code to verify in how many
cases hurd-i386 is differing from other arches.

> I checked a couple, and it seems glib2, gtk2, and gnome-vfs2 seem to
> have various issues.

Most probably since they probably use the same "mechanism" to hide some

Raphaël Hertzog

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