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Lx installer

     We made the installer as a part of our academic project ,So we couldnt get enough time to analyze and to check the installer for error inputs. All the stuffs we had to complete with in 3 months.So you may find many difficulties and errors in the installer.Now we are get rid of all that academic process and into the installer work.

We have uploaded the image and the source in http://gnu.ethz.ch/hurd/ .<<thanks to gurkan sengun>.Now we have included cfdisk in the installer . The grub installation in the current installer is a bit tricky one ,So we are trying to include Osprobe<for detecting other OS's automatically in the installer>.The image in the above link is the old one ,We will upload the latest one with cfdisk soon. We are trying to eliminate the error entry problems . I kindly invite your suggestions and your brains to work on the installer since we are only new bees in the process.Parallel to the current installer we are also planning to import the current logic into the debian installer with the help of Philip and Praveen. Raghesh Sir is trying to port the hurd binaries with in the current debian installer.The project details are available at http://kiranvirus.wordpress.com/ .


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