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Re: buildd-tools sbuild post-etch

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> > 2. Security (and Extensibility)
>> > -------------------------------
>> >
>> [remove sudo support for security, and use schroot to manage chroots]
>> [remove building on host]
> I'm curious: What will happen on the hurd-i386 architecture? Last time
> I checked fakeroot did not work well enough to be used on an autobuilder.
> Will sbuild need to be patched (more than before) for it to work at all?

I've had some further thoughts on this.  schroot is now required, but
looking at the PTS and archive, I don't see any record of schroot
having been built on hurd-i386.  Has anyone tried this?

I wrote schroot on powerpc-linux, and it works on all other other
Linux architectures.  However, I haven't heard any reports of it being
compiled on any non-Linux systems.  It's all ISO C++ and some shell
script, so it /should/ compile just fine.  But, it would be nice to
know if it does, and if not to iron out any wrinkles which might be
present--there may be some unintentional Linux-isms which need

Additionally, the shell scripts used to setup the chroot environment
make some Linux-centric assumptions such as the need to mount the
procfs/sysfs filesystems inside the chroot, and the ability to bind
mount filesystems outside the chroot inside it.  None of these are
essential, and can easily be special-cased for the Hurd, but this
would need doing before schroot will work fully on the Hurd.

None of these tasks should be difficult, but I can't do them myself
unfortunately--I lack the hardware and time to run Hurd at the moment.
However, I would be happy to provide whatever assistance and coding is
required to get schroot running once any problems have been

Kind regards,

[PS.  I'm not subscribed to the list, so I would appreciate a CC on
any replies.  Thanks!]

  .''`.  Roger Leigh
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