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Re: buildd-tools sbuild post-etch

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Roger Leigh wrote:
>> > 2. Security (and Extensibility)
>> > -------------------------------
>> >
>> [remove sudo support for security, and use schroot to manage chroots]
>> [remove building on host]
> I'm curious: What will happen on the hurd-i386 architecture? Last time
> I checked fakeroot did not work well enough to be used on an autobuilder.
> Will sbuild need to be patched (more than before) for it to work at all?

This aspect of sbuild has not changed at all.  sudo was used in two

1) to run chroot(8) as root to run commands in the chroot
2) as the dpkg-buildpackage -r gain-root-command

With the changes, only (1) is changed; (2) may be set to
fakeroot/sudo/whatever as required.

(1) was changed so that users of sbuild don't need to have
unrestricted passwordless root access to the host system.  If you
would like any further detail, please let me know!


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