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Re: Fwd: Hardware for Debian people


On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 03:12:50PM -0500, Paul Fleming wrote:
> I would be willing to host a few servers in our Orlando datacenter, I
> may even donate one or two. It would be in our employee cabinet.

Thank you for this nice offer!

As Olaf already asked: would this also include a remote administration
facility (i.e. above the common operating system level)?  This would be
needed for the GNU/Hurd systems, as they tend to break from time to time.
Also, it should be tested first whether the Hurd at all runs on those
systems: there have been problems reported with newer AMD (?) 64-bit (?)
processors.  This could be tested by booting the live-CD,

Apart from that I could also be helped with a reasonable performant
Debian GNU/Linux (yes, Linux) system, testing / unstable branch, where I
could work on and have some GiB of disk space.


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