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Re: Fwd: Hardware for Debian people


On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 03:12:50PM -0500, Paul Fleming wrote:

> I would be willing to host a few servers in our Orlando datacenter, I
> may even donate one or two. It would be in our employee cabinet.

Thanks, that would be very useful :-)

I guess remote rebooting and console are available? This is very
important, as Hurd machines hang pretty often under load, but won't
automatically reboot; and if serious FS damge occurs, they also won't
come back up automatically after a reboot. Sometimes the system even
needs to be reinstalled. (Though luckily that doesn't seem to happen to
often lately.)

Presently, both the buildd (run by Michael Banck) and the shell accounts
(provided by Barry deFreese) run on normal desktop PCs, which requires
physical presence if something goes wrong, resulting in frequent
downtimes. Being able to do remote administration would be very helpful
I believe.

Barry: Would you take up administration of these machines?


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