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Debian GNU/Hurd and ``/usr -> .''


Having a symbolic link for `/usr' that points to `.' has again and again
proven to be not really suitable for the Debian GNU/Hurd operating system
-- simply for the reason that this isn't what Debian GNU/Linux is doing,
which is where 99,9 % of all Debian packages are maintained, I guess, and
we Hurd people don't have the resources to fix those where it breaks.

The `crosshurd' installation method already allows choosing between
having a real `/usr' directory or having the symlink, but the CD
installation method does not.

Philip, can you change the CD scripts to not create the ``/usr -> .''
symbolic link?  For simplicity I'd suggest to do it that way instead of
making it configurable at installation time, which could also be done, of

And: congratulations as well from my side for the K14 release.  I didn't
need it so far, as there was so far no reason to re-install my box, but
the day will come, I guess...  ;-)


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