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Re: Separate release for m68k (and The Hurd?)


On Tuesday, October 17, 2006, at 03:54  PM, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

An obvious alternative would be to set up a separate repository on
m68k.debian.net or something similar; but I'd prefer to exhaust other
possibilities before going down that route.

being still quite "shocked" about the news, I too suggest to find a way which is as close as release as possible. While for Hurd I feel the problem less, since people using it often track unstable or even unofficial repositories; for 68k it is different. When I regularly used 68k more I had different setups: a machine on unstable or testing "to play with" and to develop on, but the workhorse was on stable, for obvious reasons. I'd prefer not to run a server (web, mail or whatever) on something which is not 'stable'. Thus a smooth transition path and a convenient way to keep such server machines up-to-date needs to be found.

My real hope is that we can work around the problems that kicked us out of the release mechanism and "be in" the next time. I myself am not a DD, but I run debian of course and am eager to help to my knlwoedge and possibility to get problems solved.


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