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Separate release for m68k (and The Hurd?)

Hi all,

So now that the release team has officially declared the m68k port not
part of the release anymore, we need to find out what we want to do with
our port. I guess it's pretty clear, at least on our end, that we do
want to release something which will be as close to etch as possible;
the question is how we'll do this.

Since Michael Banck told me on IRC that he'd also have some interest in
doing something similar for The Hurd, I've Cc'ed the Hurd mailinglist.

An obvious method of doing this would be to set up a separate
m68k.debian.net or something similar, and use that to distribute our
binaries. However, before we go down that road, I'd prefer to recall
something from the original Vancouver proposal, where it was suggested
that it would be possible for non-released ports to do "snapshot"
releases; additionally, Jeroen Van Wolffelaar told me in Breda that it
should theoretically be possible to create a separate suite for a
separate m68k etch-like distribution, which we then would be allowed to

This mail is intended to find out if and how we'll go about setting this
up. Ideally, it would initially be populated from whatever is testing
currently where we'd be able to somehow manage what packages can go into
this suite by ourselves, with or without ftpmaster intervention.

An obvious alternative would be to set up a separate repository on
m68k.debian.net or something similar; but I'd prefer to exhaust other
possibilities before going down that route.

<Lo-lan-do> Home is where you have to wash the dishes.
  -- #debian-devel, Freenode, 2004-09-22

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