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Re: aptitude?

On Tue, Oct 10, 2006 at 09:49:12PM +0800, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> Thanks for remembering my nick after this half year :) and yes, I'm
> from China.

Hi :)

> Here's the issue for aptitude on Debian GNU/Hurd:
> First, the aptitude hurd version, and more important, the dependency,
> is very old and need to be recompiled. But hey, you know, packages
> is changing time to time, and since sometime aptitude got a new build
> dependency that is called libcppunit-dev, and libcppunit-dev dependency
> on QT, so it's not available on Hurd.

Right, that is what is blocking an attempt to build currently.

> So, currently you could sovle that by building a custom libcppunit-dev
> that without QT dependency, simply remove the dep and build-dep in
> debian/control of libcppunit-dev and build it, then you'll get the debs,
> install it, and build the aptitude packages from source, too.

We hope to have Qt available soonish.  However, it should be possible to
make a non-qt libcppunit and then aptitude available for gnuab for
GNU/Hurd users, if somebody wants to work for that.

> the other two issues that aptitude use non-portalbe APIs have been fixed,
> that's what I did half years ago.



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