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PCMCIA and WLAN support

Hello people,

The recent GNU Mach upload has brought PCMCIA support to Debian GNU/Hurd,
thanks to the excellent work done by Stefan Siegl since the beginning of
the year.

The Debian gnumach package is configured to include drivers for the
PCMCIA bridges and several popular PCMCIA cards.  The user space part of
this is provided by a GNU/Hurd port of the Linux cardgmr from the
pcmcia-cs package.  I have uploaded a cardmgr-gnumach package containing
this to the gnuab APT repository.

The package is configured to start cardmgr at bootup and should detect
your PCMCIA cards.

But this is not all.

Stefan also ported Linux's wireless-tools to GNU/Hurd, and it is now
possible to use WLAN with WEP encryption provided your WLAN pc-card is
supported by GNU Mach.  I have uploaded this work as the
wireless-tools-gnumach package to gnuab as well.

Currently only the `iwconfig' tool is working and provided, it should
work as in GNU/Linux.

You can configure networking in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts (you probably
need the inetutils-tools package for ifconfig) and WLAN in
/etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts.  You need to remove these lines towards the
beginning of wireless.opts to make it work:

# --------- START SECTION TO REMOVE -----------
# ---------- END SECTION TO REMOVE ------------

Then you can configure things for your WLAN setting.  You should then
probably create a file called /etc/pcmcia.conf containing of a PCIC= and
a SCHEME= line, where the first is your PCMCIA bridge (I think) (mine is
i82365) and the second corresponds with your /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts
(e.g. `essidany', the first example). If you do not have wireless, you
do not need /etc/pcmcia.conf.

It works for me, please report about your experience.  And send patches
if you get your card working.

Thanks again to Stefan Siegl for making this possible.  I will write a
big PR-ridden story for kerneltrap once Richard Braun has sound working



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