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Re: Locahost:

Hi Charles,

First, this probably isn't the right place to ask. This mailing list, debian-hurd is about another operating system, the GNU Hurd. It's somewhat like the Linux OS, except that it has no Linux at all in it and features a lot of cool stuff that Linux doesn't have.

You probably want to look in a SUSE-specific place, as these will give better info. Try the SUSE site, it has good documentation (maybe you bought it printed out). The answer you look for and many others are probably there. Google also often is helpful.

Second, if you can't find the answer anywhere, you might consider asking a forum / mailing list / newsgroup. Eric S. Raymond wrote a document on how to ask questions in a better way, I suggest you read it. The URL is <http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html>.

Third, I can display a login screen on my Debian GNU/Linux computer by entering `kdm' or `gdm'. `startx' gets me a GNOME or KDE session directly. `xinit' and then `startkde' in the terminal window might also be a thing to try. I don't know what to use on SUSE. This should be in the docs.

Note that using your computer as the root user is often considered bad habit. The SUSE docs should again provide more information about it..

charles macharial wrote:
Hi i started my suse Linux but it is not booting directly to the desktop.
its brings localhost login:
Then i login as root Password 111111, Then it comes to localhost: Tell me how i can switch to KDE desktop. _*THANKS*_


Bram Geron
dutch student

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