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floppy disk

I have just installed debian GNU HURD on my computer by means of
mini-iso image. Then I have added several devices cdrom, floppy and
other partition of my hard disk with MAKEDEV. I vave written cdrom
into file fstab but other created devices i have not written into that
file. than I have tried to mount the devices. cdrom have been mounted
succsessfully but floppy /dev/fd0 was not mounted successfully mount
-t msdos /dev/fd0, I tried to substitute fat16 and fat in place of
msdos. But system said me that that is not supported filesystem. and
when I typed fat the system hanged. For other partition of hard disk
/dev/hd0s5 system replied that hurd/ext2fs failed. Could You tell me
what does it all mean? And how can I use floppy and other partition of
my hard disk? sincerelly Lev

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