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Making via-rhine card to work under hurd...


I have dell laptop inspiron 600M, with network card via-rhine.  I'm
sure there are shared irqs, since on linux under /proc/interrupts
that's evident.  I read that's a problem...  It also includes ipw2100
wireless card, but I guess it's a dream to have that working as of

Problem is that I can't change pci slots since I don't want to mangle
around with the laptop, and the bios (A14 by the way) doesn't show any
option not to share irqs...

I want to be able to apt, since I did a cross-installation, but with
no network card working that's  kind of not possible...

Would the solution be downloading under linux a kernel supporting
via-rhine and shared irqs (l4 maybe)?  If so which kernel is that? 
Would it be possible to compile it under basic system gotten after a
cross-install from debian (all libraries and requirements available
under such basic system)?  If so, any instructions to compile such
kernel and boot with it?

I've read several mail exchanges when looking under google, but non is
conclusive on what to do in order to get the network card working...


Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas

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