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Re: SiS900


On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 01:24:15PM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 02:05:04AM +0100, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > > If someone is interrested and likes to further work on it, I can help
> > > as far as my time and skills allow. For now I) have no ideas left.
> > 
> > I'll add this patch to the debian package this weekend.
> Is this still planned?  Seems some people are in need of this.

Yes. My plan slipped by some weeks, though. O:>

I already uploaded a new package for i386, tested with qemu. It just
need to be built for hurd-i386. =)


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