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Mouse repeater breaks console


I just installed Debian GNU/Hurd K7. It's nice to see that setting up
the virtual consoles takes much less effort than last time I tried.

However, I'm having trouble with the pc_mouse driver. If I use the full
command line as suggested by the HurdConsole and XFree86 sections of the
GNU/Hurd Wiki, the screen blanks and I doesn't even respond to
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace. If I leave out the '-d pc_mouse --repeat=mouse
--protocol=ps/2' part, the console works nicely. (Just in case anyone asks:
Yes, my mouse is a PS/2!) However, I understand that the mouse repeater is
required to run X. 

Any suggestion how I could extract more useful info out of my box in order
to debug this problem?



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