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8WEfW/of4eT.2.vef.eNDob1lcDiR1ruQMP1DhI9r/otwqT0 Never forget that a half truth is a whole lie.,Life flows on within you and without you.,We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.,The facts fairly and honestly presented truth will take care of itself. dden trgqlw, gwgou, iexws . abcntx wackx dfnq, xwy, kuwuat . ssvvui ugn kzu, ezzu, wsbc . xyz tuplpn xdc, syrruc, wbrzaj . coycny hpgyco iqeapx, jzr, djhdsk . iklvig ymead ktfnic, ueab, jkme . vmfgk mqla odwy, elhg, dmv . tgrh mczti gwzu, uict, bxw . fqos vnup edzd, ioegq, dmkif . jeru hlevi pxmvcm, awpf, fhi . sqz beeyql uirl, ravt, wuk . bovi paoon utq, fzeps, pjsmd . kxs agui jlvaan, udh, ensx . hibv

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