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Fwd: libpmount_0.0.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED

FYI. I will start pushing this as the alternative for mount().

Hurd people: Patches welcome for Hurd extensions. You most likely don't
want to worry about this when you need it for a Build-Dependency ;)

On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 12:48:50AM -0400, Debian Installer wrote:
> Accepted:
> libpmount-dev_0.0.1_i386.deb
>   to pool/main/libp/libpmount/libpmount-dev_0.0.1_i386.deb
> libpmount0.0_0.0.1_i386.deb
>   to pool/main/libp/libpmount/libpmount0.0_0.0.1_i386.deb
> libpmount_0.0.1.dsc
>   to pool/main/libp/libpmount/libpmount_0.0.1.dsc
> libpmount_0.0.1.tar.gz
>   to pool/main/libp/libpmount/libpmount_0.0.1.tar.gz
> Announcing to debian-devel-changes@lists.debian.org
> Closing bugs: 255716 
> Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

Robert Millan

"[..] but the delight and pride of Aule is in the deed of making, and in the
thing made, and neither in possession nor in his own mastery; wherefore he
gives and hoards not, and is free from care, passing ever on to some new work."

 -- J.R.R.T., Ainulindale (Silmarillion)

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