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Re: upgrading Debian-GNU-Hurd

Thierry LACOSTE <lacoste@univ-paris12.fr> writes:

>> You need to start the Hurd console with this option, like
>> console -d vga -d pc_kbd --repeat=/dev/kbd -d generic_speaker /dev/vcs
>> Afterwards, just run startx in the usual fashion.
> Thank you Michael.
> It seems to work but I have 3 problems :
> 1) I loose my french keyboard (in text mode).

The Hurd console does not have support for keymaps (yet).

> 2) My PS/2 mouse doesn't work (it works after a fresh install
> from the K5 iso cd)

What is the output of `showtrans /dev/mouse'?

> 3) when I exit (with ctrl-alt-supp) I'm back in text mode with a fatal
> server error and the computer reboots after some time.

XFree has some nasty bugs.  If the Hurd specific patches for
XFree are in the official debian package or when the patches are in
CVS of Xorg I will try to fix this.


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