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Re: crosshurd

I installed the latest (unstable) version of crosshurd and was able to
boot and run native-install twice, but my ethernet adapter (RTL8139) was
not recognized.  Do I have to recompile Mach from source with the driver

Sorry to be so uninformed, but do drivers have to be compiled into the
Mach microkernel binary file?  If so, how is this different from the Linux

i.e., from the gnu.org page on Hurd:

"It is possible to develop and test new Hurd kernel components without
rebooting the machine (not even accidentally).  Running your own kernel
components doesn't interfere with other users, and so no special system
privileges are required."


Dan Woodard

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004, Michael Banck wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 12:52:30PM -0400, Dan Woodard wrote:
> > Crosshurd appears to be an excellent system, but every time I try to
> > install it, native-install reaches the step "configuring debian packages"
> > and stops.  Is there an way of finding the specific error?
> I've just tried crosshurd yesterday and while I had some other issues,
> it did not stop at configuring debian packages. Is there any other error
> output perhaps?
> Michael
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