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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd presence at LinuxTag

   "Hurd: What for a long time lasts, becomes infinitely good?"

Since the translatoion is cute, I purpose the following as a news
entry as a quick draft, some details need to be filled out.  Like
where the presentation and talks are going to be given. Will there be
tshirts sold?

It is once again time for GNU/<A
href="http://www.linuxtag.org/2004/index.html";>LinuxTag</A>, this year
(2004) Wolfgang Jährling will give a general talk about the Hurd in
Germen titled "Hurd: Was lange waehrt, wird unendlich gut?" ("Hurd:
What for a long time lasts, becomes infinitely good?") on June the
25th, at 15:00.  Michael Banck will give a presentation of Debian
GNU/Hurd on Debian Day, June 24th.

Anyway, I haven't splet in 24+ hours... So any errors in the above
text should be blamed on the smurfs and the ferries.

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