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Debian GNU/Hurd presence at LinuxTag


I'll be around at LinuxTag, giving a presentation on Debian GNU/Hurd
during Debian Day (Thursday).

We have the option to display a notebook running Debian GNU/Hurd at the
Debian booth, together with a poster (which would have to be designed
first) perhaps, in order to promote (Debian) GNU/Hurd.

However, the booth organizers require sub-projects (let's assume that
we're falling into this category) to include at least two people, so
that somebody is around all the time as we cannot expect the regular
Debian crowd to know a lot about the Hurd port in case of questions.

I know a couple of people will be at the FSFEurope booth, but perhaps
another Debian Hurd porter (or just a regular user) might want to join
me at the Debian booth in order to promote the Hurd there?

I'll try to negotiate with the booth organizer[0], so perhaps we do not
have to be present really all the time and get to see a bit of LinuxTag
as well.


[0] I know him quite well and I could argue that he still owes me a
favour :)

Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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