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Introducing... Eye candy!

So, in order to make a nice impression at non-technical people during
LinuxTag, I decided to port XFCE4 to Debian GNU/Hurd.

That's it:


The packages are up at


You'll also need a couple of Arch:all packages from ftp.debian.org. I've
uploaded atk-1.6, glib-2.4 and pango-1.4 to ftp.debian.org (currently in
incomimg), they might be needed (at least they were needed for building
due to some Arch:all package version skew, IIRC)

GTK+-2.4 did not build properly unfortunately, but I was able to get a
GTK+-2.0 version installed from snapshot.debian.net with a bit of

There was a problem with PATH_MAX and a missing libgtkhtml in two of the
core xfce4 packages, which I sent patches for and the maintainer reacted

There was also a problem with libxml2 and libpthread, I got this error:

xfce-mcs-manager: /home/jbailey/hurd/hurd/hurd-20040508/build-tree/hurd/
__pthread_mutex_timedlock_internal: Assertion `__pthread_threads' failed.

Hmm, damn, I had a rather unspecific traceback for that, but apparently
I deleted the directory in order to make space :-/

Anyway, I decided to rebuild libxml2 without threading for hurd-i386 and
this turned out to work fine. Unfortunately, I will have to build
libxml2 again as I forgot to bump the version number. Is it OK if I ask
the maintainer to remove threading for us until we fixed/investigated
the problem?



Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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