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Re: Bug#251561: Read error when configuring timezone

[this will be my last message on this useless topic.  One might wonder
 what "who gives a damn where the bug is" means]

   > So Robert, why do _YOU_ think the bug isn't in crosshurd eh?
   > Seriously, who gives a damn where the bug is.  It is a bug, hunt
   > it down and kill it.

   Actualy I don't know where the bug is. But I'm only in charge for
   crosshurd maintainance. So if you aren't sure where the bug is,
   don't come to me with it.

If you don't know where it is, then you have no right what so ever
saying "don't come to me".  Reporting it as a crosshurd bug is a good
first step; if it ends up not being a crosshurd bug, then it can be
reassigned.  In fact, if you get these kind of petpeevs about bug
reports, then I suggest you let someone more capable maintain
crosshurd.  The bug-reporter asked for help, you were completely
unhelpful with your "oh, it might be here, or it might be there, but
don't come to me cause I don't know where it is"-crap.

   I don't even have a Hurd-based GNU system to test it.

Then one might wonder why you are the maintainer of crosshurd.

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