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Re: Bug#251561: Read error when configuring timezone

   > > Generaly, you shouldn't use the crosshurd BTS entry as a
   > > placeholder for
   > I didn't. I was first sure it was crosshurd problem.

It probobly is.  Since it does work after the install was complete,
and crosshurds job is to setup all translators.

So Robert, why do _YOU_ think the bug isn't in crosshurd eh?
Seriously, who gives a damn where the bug is.  It is a bug, hunt it
down and kill it.

   > But, now, i really don't know if it it gnumach or crosshurd
   > stuff.

   AFAIK file descriptors are handled by the Hurd and Glibc not
   GnuMach. I have no clue on what made this happen though.

Since crosshurd sets up the translators, it must do so it in the
correct order, if it doesn't then crosshurd is the bug.

Jeez, if people could only use their systems to see where the bug is,
and not their brains.  So instead of just guess, take a look at what
is happening.

Can the bug be reproduced?  If no, then go and take a bath in the

Does native-install set all the nodes in the correct order?

Do all translators that are supposed to run, run after the termination
of the script (just do a process listing directly after having run
native-install once)?

Can the behaviour be reproduced directly after the termination of the
script, by using the same line as in the script? I.e.

 echo -n "War or peace? "; read foo

Did it work? Then check if any translators got started, or whatever.

Thats a good start, and more tips will surely follow if those
questions are answered.

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