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Re:  where can find S_fsys_startup?

>funfire@eyou.com writes:
>> I am confused by MIG and the code produced by MIG.
>The code is not really a nice read, it is generated code.  You can
>just use them to implement a client and a server.  This works the same
>for almost every other application for with RPC is used.
>> It make the way more longer and harder to who want to hack hurd.
>> Why use it?
>Not using an IDL like MiG makes it much harder to write code.  It is
>code that always works the same, no one wants to write this for every
>RPC.  And it is easy to change the RPCs for something else than Mach.
>Why does it seem harder to you?  I only see that it is easier this
Yes,it makes easier to write,but makes harder to read.
For example , I can see _Xfsys_startup which in fsysServer.c in
hurd\obj\libtrivfs\ ,but never see where it is called. Only see fsys_startup 
called in trivfs_startup.Are these two functions really the same one? Is there
a macro defination just like --"#define _Xfsys_startup fsys_startup" or
"#define fsys_startup _Xfsys_startup"?
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