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Re: GNU/Hurd in severe need for documentation.

> > - The documentation is scattered all over the net. It seems there's no
> >   central place for documentation on the hurd.
> Wiki at http://hurd.gnufans.org/ is supposed to be such a central
> place (not officially, but I like to consider it such).  If anything
> is missing there, and you found it someplace else, you should probably
> add it (that's what Wikis are for :).

I think that most newcomers are discouraged by the installation
procedure. It's still quite difficult to get a basic Hurd system up and
running (network set up).
The architecture of the Wiki on hurd.gnufans.org is probably not well
adaptated to newbies. Maybe the Wiki should be split between
"Anderstanding and using the Hurd" (installation and setup, translator
examples, etc ...) and "Developpers" (information about developping the Hurd).
I could start those changes if a consensus arises in favor of them.


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