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Re: Installation of the Hurd

   Yes. There seem to be 62 debs in /var/cache/apt/archives/ in ~rmh's
   tarball. But nevertheless, shouldn't be crosshurd the right tool
   here instead of unpacking a tarball?

The tar-ball is made avaiable for people that don't run a Debian
system.  So using the tar-ball is the one of two ways of installing
Debian GNU/Hurd for non-Debian users (the other being the CD's).  

   Another one: When using crosshurd (not
   ftp://ftp.gnuab.org/pub/gnu/gnu.tar.bz2), there are many dpkg
   errors scrolling fast. Unfortunately, I don't know how to scroll
   back to inspect. But somewhere dpkg says that it "halt"s because
   there are "too many errors".

   Maybe this is related to it: The last message of ./native-install
   is "./native-install: Cannot make pipe for command substitution:
   Protocol family not supported". I get a similar output on
   MAKEDEV. But the respective devices seem to be created ok after
   MAKEDEV. Another typical error on the remaining screen is
   "./native-install: line 219: umount: command not found".

It seems that the crosshurd package is broken somewhere, could you
look into it? And see if you can fix it, and then send a patch to Jeff
Bailey (he maintains crosshurd I belive).

   Since the only place where the other "known bugs" are currently
   recorded publicly are the mailing list archives,

It would be nice if someone, maybe you, could gather those old bugs
and file them into the Savannah bug-tracker.  Obviously this means
checking that the bug really exists.
   I will possibly file them to the Debian BTS. (Even the GNU Hurd
   page suggests using it.) I mean:

Hmm... That FAQ entry should be updated.

   * Too_much_memory bug (workaround: uppermem ...)
   * /hurd/ext2fs.static I/O error messages
   * The directly above described bug(s)
   * Wishlist: GNUmach should be updated. I discovered that the current
   version is 1.2 installed by crosshurd

   Is crosshurd the right package here to file all those against?
   What's up with the "hurd" package? Last upload from 2002-11-20 with
   some outstanding bugs.

Those bugs should be reported to Savannah.  Since they are, well, Hurd
bugs, and don't have anything todo with Debian. :)


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