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Re: Gratuitous error on first boot

Roland Stigge <stigge@informatik.hu-berlin.de> writes:


> After installing the Hurd with crosshurd, setting up GRUB with the
> sophisticated well known parameters and fixing the too-much-memory
> problem (uppermem 786432), I came across the following output (not
> verbatim, but nearly):

What happened when you did not add this uppermem line?  Is it possible
for you to remove some memory to test what happens in that case?

> ... followed by a hang that results in a panic on keypress (in contrast
> to the former case).

This is a bug in GNUMach.  If you press a key when the Hurd is not yet
started your system will crash.

> The "task loaded" messages each start on the end (5..10 characters) of
> the respective preceding line, but I guess that's normal.
> I'm using an ASUS P4G8X board with Intel 7205 chipset, 1GB of RAM. Does
> the Gratuitous error have something to do with the partition being on
> the first logical partition (size: 2000MB)?

2000MB should be ok.  I'm more worried about the 1GB of RAM.

> Please tell me what further information you need. (If the "Gratuitous
> error" is a known problem, please point me to the relevant resources.)

To me it looks like a really weird problem.  Only libstore/nbd.c:417
in the sourcecode reports this error without reporting more error,
AFAIK.  I don't know a thing about this store and I didn't look into
it in detail.

Perhaps it is in glibc or in gnumach if it can report this error (I
expect it can't).

Perhaps you menu.lst (the relevant part of it) might be useful.

> Besides, both crosshurd installation and
> http://people.debian.org/~rmh/gnu/gnu.tar.bz2 results in the "hurd"
> package being from 2002. Is that correct?

You can better use:

This is more up-to-date.

> And: Is there by chance someone running the network adapter (Broadcom
> BCM5700) of the above board with the Hurd? (The link in the entry "What
> kind of hardware is supported?" in the FAQ on gnu.org is not available.)

I can't find it in the README-Drivers file of GNUMach 1.3.  Which chip
is on this board?  Perhaps it is supported by GNUMach 1.9 (which has
other drivers).

If it is not supported you can use linux drivers (linux 2.0 drivers
for gnumach 1.3 or linux 2.2 drivers for gnumach 1.9).


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