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Re: Still want to believe.

Steve King <debian@twobit.demon.co.uk> writes:

> Sorry in advance for the troll,
> I am trying to get to grips with the hurd. It seems to me like it
> has gone backwards since I last dipped my toe in a couple of years
> ago. Have I just got the wrong set up?

Well, installing GNU/Hurd is not as easy as installing most GNU/Linux

> I installed using crosshurd, so it should be up-to-date, but
> it seems highly broken.

IIRC you need to use crosshurd from unstable.  You should also have a
look at which ftp/http servers are used to download the packages from.

> vi dumps a core
> telnet dumps a core

Please report bugs.  You can help a lot by helping us to fix and
perhaps fix bugs.  If you do that other people won't have the same
problems as you had.

> I can't get the nfs translator to work

It works, what did you do?  Can you please try setting it as an active
translator first and show which errors you get (if any) and how you
set this translator?

> there is no ftp client

There is (I don't remember which one, IIRC lftp works perfectly).

> sshd dumps a core

This never happened to me.

> inetd dumps a core

This never happened to me.

It looks to me that you get a lot of coredumps.  This looks like a
problem with a library to me.  Can you please have a closer look at
this problem?

> I get a linking error trying to build gnu mach
> strpcpy.

IIRC someone else had this problem too.  Did you have a look at the
mailinglist archives of bug-hurd and help-hurd?

> It took me a day of instant reboots to realise that
> it didn't like the fact that I had too much memory (I went from
> 1GBbyte to 512Mbytes)

This is a bug in GNUMach.

> I would really love to do some work on the hurd, but the only
> way I can copy files is by booting into sid. And that is
> just not realistic. Life is too short.

Please help.  You already found some problems, fixing them might be
helpful.  You can also try to download a newer ISO of Debian GNU/Hurd
(K4, or better, wait for K5).

> So please, should I use an older version? How can I believe
> that the hurd is a good thing if it is impossible to use?

The version doesn't matter that much.  I think the version we had in
January 2003 or newer will be ok.  With the older versions I've
encountered some problems while upgrading glibc.


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