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Re: K5 images

Hi Philip,

On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 08:45:03PM +1300, Philip Charles wrote:
> I had hoped that the alpha.gnu.org packages could have been authenticated
> and/or replaced, but this has not happened.  So the K5 images will contain
> the packages that were in alpha.gnu.org.

Please don't use those packages, Robert Millan has been rebuilding some
packages, signing and uploading them to ftp.gnuab.org, I don't know if
there are packages from alpha missing in gnuab, Robert knows more about
this. The signed .changes can be found in the pool.

> 3.  Who would be prepared to host the images?

As stated before I can host them on ftp.gnuab.org, if there is no
problem with this.


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